Presented by the Farnhams & Hedgerley Horticutural society
Village Show 2019
Vegetables, Fruit & Salading classes


1 *Collection of vegetables. Three each of four distinct kinds.
Frontage not to exceed two feet    
Richard Neale
2 Beans. Nine. Runner                                                    
3 Beans. Nine. Dwarf/French  
4 *Beetroot. Three, Globe with tops trimmed  Cat Hadfield
5 Cabbages. Two, of either green, red or savoy
6 Carrots. Four, with tops trimmed to 4”  
7  *Courgettes. Three. Not longer than 6”  Peter Pearce
8  *Collection of Salading. Four distinct kinds  Joanna Battagel
9  *Collection of Herbs. Four distinct kinds. Each in a spray  Richard Try
10  Cucumber. One Outdoor (Ridge) or Indoor
11  Squash, Winter. One,  
12 *Marrow. A Pair  Ridgwell Windows &  Conservatories
13  Peppers. Sweet. Three. Calyx attached  
14  Onions. Three. Grown from sets. Tops tied down  
15  *Onions. Three. Grown from seeds. Tops tied down  Kitchen Art
16  *Potatoes. Five. White  John Roberts
17  *Potatoes. Five. Coloured/colour marked  Cat Hadfield
18  Shallots. Six  
19  *Tomatoes (any colour). One Truss  Caldicott School
20  *Tomatoes (red). Four. Calyx attached  Cat Hadfield
21  Sweetcorn. Two. Unpeeled.  
22  *Marrow. Heaviest  Caldicott School
23  Onion. Heaviest  
24  *Potato. Heaviest  John Harwood
25  *Runner Bean. Longest  The Moore Family
26  Any other vegetable not scheduled in Division 1  
27  *The most misshapen vegetable  Fergus Flanagan
28  *Apples. Three. Dessert (unpolished)  Mrs J Cottrell
29  *Apples. Three. Cooking (unpolished)  Joanna Battagel
30  Soft Fruit (with stalk intact). Any variety – small dish.  
31  *One kind of any other fruit  Rebecca & David Banks
32 * Plums, dessert or cooking, bloom intact, with stalks, up to 9 on plate  Joanna Battagel
32A Pears. Three.  

Note: only classes 1-21 inclusive are eligible for the Barnard Hankey Challenge Cup. Classes 22-25 inclusive are not eligible for the Banksian Medal