Presented by the Farnhams & Hedgerley Horticutural society
Village Show 2019
Entry form, Hints, Tips, Rules & Regulations


Entries can be submitted from July 2018. Please submit your entry on the form below. After filling in your details (all fields with an asterisk in red must be completed) page down to the bottom of the form and press 'SEND'. An acknowledgement will be sent to you within 2/3 hours. If you don't get this, contact us or send your form in by another method. You can copy this form, and e mail it to or print it off and deliver it to Peter Huby, 6 Crispin Way, Farnham Common SL2 3UE OR Janet Cottrell, “Aspny”, Blackpond Lane, Farnham Royal SL2 3EA

You can also use the form  in our printed schedule. All entries should reach us before 2pm on Saturday 7th September.

Entry forms submitted after these times will only be accepted if the committee considers that there is sufficient space.

PRIVACY NOTICE: The personal data supplied by you on your entry form will be used solely for the administration of your entry to the current year's Village Show including communication of any relevant issues regarding the show and the distribution of prize monies, trophies and tombola prizes. We will also send you details of next year's show when finalised. All data is retained for one year and is kept securely by designated members of the show committee. It will not be divulged to or shared with any third party. No cookies are used on this website.

Entry form for up to 4 exhibitors
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It is important to read the schedule carefully and abide exactly by the rules, particularly with regard to the number of specimens in each exhibit. With root vegetables, biggest is not always best, and in most cases, medium size is preferable. Root vegetables should always be washed carefully without damaging the skin.
Carrots, parsnips and beetroots – cut off the tops leaving two to three inches of stem which can be tied with raffia.
Onions should be ripe and firm with, if possible, whole skins. Do not skin them. Turn down the tops and bind them with raffia. Shallots are treated in the same way and staged on a plate of sand.
Peas and beans – leave stalks intact. The withered flower should be left on peas and cucumbers.
Tomatoes – should be ripe and firm with calyx intact.
Lettuces – outside leaves and roots must be left on. Cabbages must have two to three inches of root left on. Damaged leaves on both can be removed.
Rhubarb (natural) should have the leaf blades removed. Leave no more than three inches of blade attached to the stalk.       

PRIZE MONEY: 1st - £1,   2nd – 50p,    3rd – 30p.
and for sponsored classes, if marked by an asterisk in the schedule:
                               1st - £3 (£5 for classes 80 & 83), 2nd - £2,       3rd - £1.
POINTS: 1st – 4 points, 2nd – 3 points, 3rd – 2 points, H/C – 1 point.
2.        All exhibits must be staged in the hall between 7.30am and 10.20am on the Show Day or between 6pm and 7.30pm on the preceding day. Staging to be carried out by the exhibitor. Division II and III exhibitors to provide their own vases.
3.        Admission to the Show is free
4.        Entries must be made on the official entry form and must reach the entry secretary on or by the Saturday before Show Day.
5.        When booking in exhibits, the entry card for those NOT intended for auction must be stamped at reception, and the exhibit may be removed on show day, but not before 4.15pm. Prize money not claimed before 4pm and exhibits unclaimed by 4.30pm will be regarded as a contribution to the funds of the Society.
6.        The Committee cannot be held responsible for any damage done to, or loss of exhibits during the Show, but at the same time they will endeavour to see that care is taken of them.
7.        No exhibitor may enter more than one exhibit in each class except where otherwise stated.
8.        The judges have power to withhold any prize through lack of competition, merit or infringement. The decision of the judges shall be final.
9.        Any objection to an exhibit must be lodged with the Secretary in writing before 3pm with a deposit of £1, which will be refunded if the objection is sustained.
10.     The Committee reserve the right to move any exhibit, and have the power to refuse any exhibit whatsoever.
11.     Entry is open to all comers.
12.     The Committee disclaims all responsibility for liability in respect of loss or damage to personal property of those attending the premises on Show weekends.
13.     All Cups and Trophies not described as Challenge Cups or Trophies have been designated by the Society as Challenge Cups and Trophies. Any exhibitor winning such a cup or trophy for three successive years will be presented with a miniature by the Society.
14.     Trophies to be held by the winner for 12 months or until the next show whichever is the sooner.
15.     In order to maintain maximum interest and exhibitor participation in all classes, exhibitors who have won a particular award for three consecutive years are welcome to exhibit in an honorary capacity only for the succeeding two years in the relevant classes. Such honorary exhibits will be eligible for any other appropriate award..
PLEASE NOTE: Exhibitors and friends are invited to present gifts of flowers and produce for the gift stall to be sold during the show or to offer their exhibits for auction after the show, the proceeds to be used for the Society’s funds.
The Society has been granted, by the Council of the Royal Horticultural Society, a Banksian Medal which will be awarded to the winner of the largest total amount of prize money in the horticultural classes - division I (classes 1-21, 26-31) and division II in the show.
“The Flower Show at Farnham Royal”
This book by show committee member John Conen is a new history of our show. It takes us back to Victorian times when the show was founded in 1883 and covers the varying fortunes of the show over the years. After two breaks caused by World Wars, the show in its present form was revived in 1976.
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