Presented by the Farnhams & Hedgerley Horticutural society
Village Show 2017


Farnhams & Hedgerley Horticultural Society - list of Officers

President: Rev’d Graham Saunders

Vice presidents: John Winyard, David Mitchell

Hon. Treasurer: Janet Cottrell (tel. 646811)

Chair: Rebecca Banks

Show Secretary: Vacant


Joanna Battagel, John Conen (tel. 645880),  Catherine Hadfield, Christine Leister-Crow (tel. 647350),
Frances Warburton, Jim Williams.



At our committee meeting on 10 October, we said farewell to Douglas and Angela Morris. Douglas writes 'I have been chairman of the society for over six years and during this time we have donated  £3,250 to local charities, something of which I am very proud. The main reason Angela and I are leaving is that it has always been our wish to live near the sea and hopefully we are in process of moving to Dorset to a house six miles outside Wimborne Minster and around fifteen miles from the coast. We moved to Farnham Common from Beaconsfield Old Town some sixteen years ago  and during the this time I have been involved in the Royal British Legion, Riding for the Disabled and more recently the committee organising the Summer Fete for St John's Church. On moving to Dorset I anticipate continuing my involvement with the RBL and RDA but do not think I would be able to carry out any of these activities without Angela by my side cheering me on! We are both sorry to be leaving  Farnham Common but we sincerely hope we have made a small contribution to the community - wishing you all a fond farewell.'

Judy Tipping will also be leaving the committee. Judy has been involved with the show for many years and we are very grateful for her dedicated support, and feel sure we will continue to see her at future shows.

We are very pleased to welcome Rebecca Banks back to our committee to take on the role of chair, and also welcome new committee members Joanna Battagel and Frances Warburton.


We have been really pleased to receive lots of good feedback from exhibitors, judges and visitors alike. Our show was clearly enjoyed by all and also attracted more exhibits than the 2015 and 2016 shows. More feedback to follow.

We were sorry to hear that Douglas Morris, our chairman since 2012, is standing down. He and Angela will be moving to Dorset. Doug has done a tremendous job and he and Angela will be sorely missed. We now have two vacancies on our committee and will be pleased to hear from anyone interested in joining us.

We were sorry to learn that Pauline Cutmore died earlier this year. Pauline served on the show committee for many years and was an enthusiastic supporter  of the show.


We've received enquiries indicating that a few people are not clear what our show is all about so apologies for any lack of clarity in this website! A bit of helpful information:

There are over 100 classes in the show covering a wide range of things you can grow, bake or make. Exhibits must be your own work. We have to be a bit specific about entries to ensure a 'level playing field' for judging, so please read the information carefully. Submit your entry form to us by 2pm on Saturday 9 September. Either on line or using the entry form in the printed schedule. You can of course amend your entries or add to them.

Stage your exhibits in the hall between 6 and 7.30 pm on the Saturday or between 7.30 and 10.20 am on the Sunday. No exhibits can be accepted after this time.

The exhibits are then judged and prizes awarded.

At 2 pm the show is open to the public to view the exhibits.  Refreshments in the form of teas and cakes are available. The afternoon ends with the presentation of trophies, auction of produce (please feel free to donate your exhibits) and a raffle.

The show occupies all the available space in the Village Hall so we are very sorry we cannot accommodate any external craft stalls etc. If you want to promote or sell your handiwork you are advised to approach a craft fair, farmer's market or similar event.


We need your participation to make this show a success. Have a look at our image gallery on this website where you can see your family, friends and neighbours with their wonderful exhibits. Our printed show schedule with full details of the classes and how to enter can be found in local shops, the library and local garden centres. All information is also on this website and you can enter on line. You do not have to live in the Farnhams or Hedgerley to enter - all are welcome. If you've got some good produce why not enter? It's an informal and friendly show, and you do not need to be an 'expert' in showing flowers, fruit or vegetables. All we ask is that you follow the rules set out here and in the schedule. Do not hesitate to get in touch if you need any clarification.

If you aren't a gardener, there's plenty of non-horticultural classes where you can show off your talents: Flower arranging, crafts, cakes & preserves, wines, beers and liqueurs, photography. And there's plenty for the children. The venue is the village hall in Farnham Common. We hope to see you there!

For show addicts, our neighbours at Chalfont St Giles have their show on Saturday 2 September

John Conen


Our chairman Doug Morris presented a cheque for £500 to the 1st Hedgerley Scouts at their 'Race Night' held at Caldicott School on Saturday 25 March. This is their main fundraising event. The funds for the cheque came from surplus cash, after expenses were paid, from our 2016 Village Show. Doug is seen presenting the cheque to Scout Group Leader Bob Thorpe.


A few changes will be implemented this year: most importantly for all those entering exhibits we will be asking that entry forms are submitted by 2pm on Saturday 9 September rather than 5pm. This will enable us to lay out the hall to accommodate the entries we expect to receive.


Our 41st Village Show on 11 September 2016 was a great success. Although entries were down slightly over last year, this was almost certainly a result of less than favourable growing conditions affecting entries in Diviisions 1 & 2 - Vegetables, Fruit and Flowers. However we were pleased to see increases in entries in other divisions of the show.


About 100 people entered a total of 422 exhibits. About two thirds of entrants entered via this website and we are very grateful as this saves ua a lot of work!
After the prize-giving, which Rev Graham Saunders hosted, we were entertained by John Winyard’s auction before the raffle was drawn with nearly twenty prizes up for grabs.
Chair Douglas Morris concluded a very enjoyable day by thanking not only our committee members and friends, but also all the local businesses, shops and individuals that  advertised in our Show Guide, sponsored Classes and donated Raffle Prizes.
John Conen



The Society recently made a donation to the sports club to assist in improving their security arrangements. Below and in our 'images gallery' chairman Douglas Morris is shown presenting a cheque to Pauline Gregory, chair of the sports club.


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